Machine data displayed clear and understandable

Get the best results with exact machine and process data. COAGO MES supplies important data and aids you to interpret the data received.


Joachim Schütz

Head of Sales MES
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Machine & Process Data Acquisition

Process safety and stability is ensured when mission-critical production processes can be precisely specified and if compliance with these specifications can be tracked through actual data. Therefor reliable machine and process data acquisition is an important key factor.

Mission critical values, e.g. temperatures, pressure or machine speeds, are collected from the system control (PLC) and the process attending system (like black spots detection or gauge measurement) and can be compared to pre-specified target values.

Action control limits for foreseeable irregularities (visualized as a trend) can be pre-defined. This way prompt reaction and countermeasures can be initiated before cost-expensive production failures occur. Additional procedures can be derived of pre-defined action controls, such as blocking a specific role for further use or tagging a role for follow-up QC inspections.

Process data for specific production objects, rolls or formats can be saved for later use. The data provides detailed retraceable information, such as under which conditions a mother role was produced or what slit rolls were converted. The information forwarded to the following rolls ensures retraceable transparency throughout all production steps. All gathered data points are visualized in the MES module COAGO MES diagrams.