Industry 4.0 – modular concept for your future

Demands routing from digital transformation/ industry 4.0 are evolving increasingly towards dynamic. GRASS offers gradual development and realisation starting with the introduction and ending with the complete integration using ERP/ MES systems. Furthermore, our experts will support you with their experience gathered in a variety of prior projects.

GRASS Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 becomes reality due to the branch-specific solution by GRASS. Our system integrates the world of ERP to your production and machine level. COAGO MES crosslinks all production processes, schedules intelligently, plus steers and controls all processes accompanying your production, e.g. QM and logistics. All machines and subsystems are crosslinked and connected in the technical sense. This result can be accomplished in one step or modularly and gradually.

Including the sectors of lean and tech-consulting, GRASS-customers take advantage of all synergies by one supplier. MES-competence, lean-know-how and potential for technological optimization.

COAGO MES – the branch-specific solution for roll manufacturing and converting by GRASS – field-tested and running at multiple plants of leading clients.

GRASS-industry 4.0 roadmap – path to success

Starting with an easy introduction to the subject, we will develop a method for your plant that suits you.
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With more than 30 years of branch related experience, we will determine all possible optimization and record any effects of improvement, using this data we will compile a schedule for you.
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Our experienced GRASS-teams will work purposefully on the realisation at your plant in a timely manner. The introduction to all system-related subjects and to the system itself will be done together with your employees to ensure the autonomous handling later on.

Due to continuous advancements to our solution, you will be involved significantly in shaping the future.

GRASS methods – always a brilliant solution