• We get your processes rolling!

    We get your processes rolling!

    We are your specialist for Manufacturing Execution Systems and Lean & Technology consulting concepts for the film, paper, nonwoven and packaging industries.
  • The MES industry solution.

    The MES industry solution.

    The Manufacturing Execution System exclusively designed for manufacturers and converters of rolls, webs, formats and sheets such as film, paper, nowoven and packaging materials.

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  • COAGO MES - Benefits for all.

    COAGO MES - Benefits for all.

    Facts and figures. Always and at any time. Transparent and safe production processes for more productivity.

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  • Structure instead of chaos.

    Structure instead of chaos.

    With us you easily take the first step towards Industry 4.0.

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  • Recognize and leverage potentials!

    Recognize and leverage potentials!

    More results through proven lean methods and technological competence.

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The Manufacturing Execution System COAGO is the MES industry solution that focuses on all details of roll manufacturing and converting. A homogeneous solution that covers all production and auxiliary processes and schedules, controls and monitors them intelligently.

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LINEaLYTIC, the cost-effective entry-level solution for order-related machine and process data acquisition.

- Your first step into the industry 4.0.

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GRASS Consulting




The Lean and Tech Consulting divisions provide you with sound lean method know-how and technological optimization potential from a single source and in a coordinated manner. You generate financially effective effects.

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#WeStayAtHome #WeCarryOn

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the many people out there who are unable to retreat to their home offices these days.
You ensure that we continue to be supplied with food and that we can buy it in open shops, that we are provided with health care and can live in safety, that the elderly and children are cared for, that we get our goods delivered because we hardly ever leave our homes anymore and that the lights don't go out, the water stays clean and doesn't run out and the garbage is removed.
It is certainly not easy for you to hold the ground. You must have great worries and fears, not only for your own health, but also for that of your family and friends. All the more respect and recognition is due to you for what you do every day. Thank you!
Many thanks to those who continue to hold the ground in our headquarters and ensure the continuous operation and to those colleagues who have already set up their home offices and are thus making their contribution!
Because, our work also is very important. We help to ensure that our customers can continue to produce safely. Many of our customers produce plastic film applications for high-quality packaging of medicines and food and are an essential part of supply chains that must not break. Just how important packaging is is becoming particularly clear these days. They protect our health and our food.
We at GRASS are proud to have been able to make a valuable contribution to some of the most important companies in the industry for more than 30 years, providing the safest and highest quality packaging materials possible.

About us

GRASS Manufacturing. Excellence.

We are your MES specialist with lean and technology consulting specifically for roll manufacturers and converters. More than 35 years of MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE are our promise for effective production processes.


GRASS Konferenzraum

Your way to industry 4.0

Digital change is the reason to develop further and to question existing production processes,
with the aim of making production more transparent and effective. Irrespective of the discussion about the so-called fourth
industrial revolution or industry 4.0, machine and process data are still recorded manually in many companies.
Most of these companies are aware of the necessity of automatic data acquisition.

However, they fear the high investment and time costs that are usually associated with the conversion
to automatic recording of machine and process data.

People, machines, objects and software systems
communicate with each other.


GRASS Industry 4.0

System, method and technology for success

Industry 4.0 can be experienced with the industry solution COAGO from GRASS. Because the system integrates the ERP worlds with the production and machine levels. With a specially developed analysis method, the GRASS Synergy Check, your potentials become visible after a very short time. Fields of action and measures are developed, evaluated and prioritized in the workshop in order to implement them purposefully.


GRASS Roadmap en


Further information about the GRASS-Industry 4.0-Check

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