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Your benefits with COAGO MES

Better and more efficient use of economic and production factors such as machines, raw materials and work force can only be achieved if it is known where resources and potentials are being wasted.

With COAGO MES you are able to identify and evaluate process-relevant factors at all times. Gain insights into complex contexts through different view-points and combined key performance indicators. The differentiated analysis of mass balances provides a significant gain in transparency, for instance structured evaluations of causes for scrap or the evaluation of machine time codes using down time reports.

An appropriate interpretation, of the information and conclusions gained, enables you to make founded decisions. Also, important potentials for optimization and economic advantages can be discovered.

The transition, starting with these newly gained insights, to continuous improvement processes and to a system of a permanently improving and advancing organization. All of these changes lead to your own standard procedures and pave the way for Manufacturing Excellence.

Your benefits in the areas of ...

  • General Management +

    COAGO MES pays off through increased productivity and higher material, machine and personnel efficiency. Costs are reduced by reduced set-up times, downtimes and malfunctions as well as tied-up capital and decreasing scrap rates. The industry-specific Manufacturing Execution System provides information from production how and when you need it. Data, facts and figures - anytime and on demand. This puts you right at the heart of the company and gives you a broader information base for strategic and operational decisions. The recording and presentation of operational states and production processes takes place immediately, so that you can recognize errors and problems immediately and initiate measures that have an enormous potential for cost reduction.
  • Production Management +

    Anyone who has to wait two days for a report can only react, no longer act. COAGO pays off through its agility, which enables you to work directly at the pulse of your production. You never have to wait for your reporting again, but can view all production data online at any time. The monitoring of individual work steps and the interaction between the individual work steps (intra- and interoperational) takes place without any problems. At a glance, you get an overview of the system and machine statuses and immediately recognize their utilization, availability, downtimes and set-up times. This enables you to quickly and accurately diagnose production bottlenecks, reasons for malfunctions and restrictions. The visible historical processes support you in the strategic planning of operating resources, replacement purchases, extensions and maintenance work and in the optimization of your production processes.
  • Controlling & Accounting +

    Rely on the quality of production postings without time-consuming validations and inquiries. With COAGO you receive consistent and validated confirmations of the highest quality. This pays off in less effort for controlling and more reliable data as a basis for calculation. Our industry-specific MES system provides you with up-to-date, reliable and traceable information on production key figures (KPIs). With the help of precise data acquisition and integrated reporting, you have a complete database for your process cost accounting and report evaluations. In the event of deviations, you can intervene immediately and take countermeasures at an early stage. The accuracy of the preliminary and final costing of orders increases due to qualified production postings and reliable information on material usage and yield. Both the personnel input for the order as well as the machine times are reported back safely and validated.
  • Planning & Work Preparation +

    The COAGO PPS module pays off through the significantly lower planning effort of a real industry solution. The utilization of the machine capacity will increase due to the optimized allocation and sequence. Material efficiency increases due to slit planning. Setup times and changeover scrap are reduced through optimized transitions. COAGO MES enables planning and work preparation directly in the PPS module for detailed production planning. In a further level for rough planning, capacities are reserved for medium-term and long-term planning and occupied with future incoming orders. You receive online feedback on orders and operations from production. Orders are monitored in the order network with regard to their adherence to delivery dates and deviations are displayed immediately. Scheduling and rescheduling to production orders and operations are immediately validated for feasibility and displayed on the machine after release. Production feedback such as machine malfunctions or downtimes and order progress are displayed as visual feedback in the graphical planning board. Campaign planning is specifically designed for rolls, webs and formats and enables optimal planning to meet the requirements of the industry. With the job combination options, several jobs can be planned on a roll and the production width is optimally exploited.
  • Production Workers +

    COAGO pays off through less paperwork and effort in data acquisition, information available at all times and validations for process support and monitoring. With COAG MES, the production employee can fully concentrate on production. The data input effort is considerably simplified by the use of barcode readers and automatic data transmission. Paper as a source of error is eliminated. The highest quality is guaranteed by plausibility checks and automatic validation. Communication - even across shifts - via text messages in the system, as well as text entries on roles, on the order and as comments on recorded data, automatic machine logbook entries, production instructions and comments on production orders prevent lead to transparency for the production employee and reduce uncertainty and coordination effort.
  • Quality Management +

    The quality management integrated in COAGO pays off through the permanent monitoring of the specifications in the production process, the immediate warning and prevention of deviations and errors and the reduced effort required for quality data acquisition. The research effort is significantly reduced and the quality of the results significantly improved. Your customers will appreciate the transparency and security of the customer audit. With COAGO MES, you have up-to-date quality data at your disposal at all times with which the production process is continuously monitored. With the help of integrated inspection systems, e.g. optical control systems, rolls are automatically checked and blocked if necessary. The integration of production and quality management enables a detailed analysis of the mutual relationship between errors, causes, actions and results in the production process. Quality management works throughout the entire value chain up to the dispatch of the finished goods and forms a cornerstone of the continuous improvement process. With the help of current evaluations during production and automatic quality warnings, prompt decisions are possible. Detailed batch traceability, automatic generation of test data reports and certificates as well as comprehensive quality control meet the certification requirements of ISO standards.
  • Internal Logistics, Materials Management and Warehousing +

    The MES integrated logistics module pays off with lower tied capital in WIP, lower internal logistics and transport costs and fewer unplanned production interruptions. The right material with the right quality at the right place at the right time. The COAGO Logistics Module for transport control and warehouse management fulfils this requirement - from goods receipt through all production stages and warehouses to dispatch. Search efforts, unnecessary material movements and incorrect material provisioning are avoided. Industry-specific storage and retrieval strategies, e.g. for block storage, can avoid costly relocations. Stock transfers are carried out transparently using barcode scanners. The stock is permanently updated by exact material consumption reports as well as access bookings. Inaccurate or outdated stock information no longer leads to material unavailability and production interruptions. Inventories can be processed via the system - including permanent inventory. Inventory changes are transmitted to the inventory management ERP system via transparent, secure and powerful interfaces. WIP stock level gets effectively reduced.
  • Customer Service & Sales +

    With COAGO MES you are able to inform your customers online and comprehensively about the processing status of their orders at any time. Additional information on customer orders, such as complaints, labelling instructions and packaging instructions can be transferred to COAGO and displayed at any time during production. The loss-free communication leads to fewer errors and a higher adherence to delivery dates and customer satisfaction. Your customer will appreciate the comprehensive transparency and highest process reliability of your production.
  • Personnel & Motivation +

    Not only you, but also your employees see the success of your work every day. Your machine operators are relieved of unproductive paperwork and take care of their core activity, the production of world class goods. You can access complete and checked order data at any time and get guidance through the production process. Information such as machine downtimes and error production give you the opportunity to initiate measures and achieve improvements.
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