• Ahead by lengths.

    Ahead by lengths.

    Build up and expand of strategic competitive advantages. With figures and facts you achieve transparency anytime and anywhere.
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Your benefits with COAGO MES

Better and more efficient use of economic and production factors such as machines, raw materials and work force can only be achieved if it is known where resources and potentials are being wasted.

With COAGO MES you are able to identify and evaluate process-relevant factors at all times. Gain insights into complex contexts through different view-points and combined key performance indicators. The differentiated analysis of mass balances provides a significant gain in transparency, for instance structured evaluations of causes for scrap or the evaluation of machine time codes using down time reports.

An appropriate interpretation, of the information and conclusions gained, enables you to make founded decisions. Also, important potentials for optimization and economic advantages can be discovered.

The transition, starting with these newly gained insights, to continuous improvement processes and to a system of a permanently improving and advancing organization. All of these changes lead to your own standard procedures and pave the way for Manufacturing Excellence.

Your benefits in the areas of ...

  • Management +

    COAGO MES provides information how, where and when you need it. Have access from anywhere, at any time and in the desired granularity (figures, dates, facts). Request immediate up-to-date reports directly online and make promptly decisions. The great advantage of COAGO MES and GRASS is the exclusive focus on the films, paper and nonwovens industry and all roll manufacturing and converting production processes. | Broader and wider information basis for operative and strategic decisions |Any level of aggregation or granularity |Faster perception of the operational status |Drill-down and detailed views | Transparency of on-going production |Faster reaction and solutions for errors and problems |Identification of repetitive system-based errors | Cost reduction potentials
  • Production Management +

    Never wait for delayed reports and controlling charts again. Get them online and in real-time through COAGO MES. | Monitoring and tracking of single and multiple work phases and the interplay between individual production steps (intra- and interoperational) | Status of machines and facilities, for instance efficiency, order stack, downtimes, set up times, reasons and research of previous data | Fast and accurate diagnosis of downtime codes, restrictions and supply of historical data | Elimination of systematic errors and continuous optimization of the production processes through permanent surveillance | Stronger market positioning through systematic use of accurate and reliable information provided by COAGO MES | Better and more strategic planning of manufacturing resources, new machines, equipment, materials or expansions | Transparency of maintenance work through detailed machine times | Detailed data enables reporting of utilization, efficiency, QC-trending, correlations, etc. | Identification of bottlenecks within the production processes
  • Controlling & Accounting +

    Up to date, fast, reliable and reproducible data on production parameters and identification figures | Preliminary and final calculations, product cost analysis of orders on basis of oder times and material consumption | Effortless data acquisition and reporting | Data base for activity-based costs | Up to date intervention possibilities at problem | Live material consumption overview and inventory information
  • Planning & scheduling +

    Direct shop floor feedback | Increased transparency and less coordination effort | Scheduling and rescheduling | Monitoring and follow up of orders and work phases | Direct visibilty of impacts caused by rescheduling and exceptional circumstances to other production orders and work steps | Improved control of production and material release resulting in decrease of working capital | Combination of orders and main batches | Order, machine and deviation reports | Increased machine and employee efficiency | Improved Resource Management for machine utilisations through real time reports and improved planning through simulation features
  • Production operator +

    Reduction of non-productive work | Reduction of paperwork | Concentration on core business procedures, orders, products and equipment | Less data-entry effort with use of barcode readers, automatic data transfer, etc. | Simplified communication procedures via text messages between employees, shifts and departments | Machine logbook entries, orders and comments of production processes are saved in the Manufacturing Execution System and visible for all affected user grouops | Transparent performance overview of all shifts or employees with histroical performance summaries | Transparency of all responsibilities in case of problems or errors | Automatic validation of entries with plausibility checks | Automatic system feedback and assistance in case of inconsistent system entries
  • Quality Management +

    The perfect integration of the COAGO MES Quality Management module into the production process makes collaboration easy and avoids friction losses. | Management, variation and versioning of inspection plans | Inspection criteria target values and tolerances, set up of inspection frequencies for certain checkpoints | Evaluation and summary of real time quality data during different work steps | Increase of product quality within the processes and prevention of defective shipments through permanent quality securing surveillance of the production prcess. This leads to an increased customer satisfaction and stronger positioning of the company on the market | Enabling of rapid decision-making during production processes, if for instance alternative use of semi-finished materials appear to be necessary | Initiation of a continuous improvement process through the correlation of symptoms, actions and results | Detailed batch tracking and complete quality control procedures are certified requirements for ISO certifications and create an important marketing argument | Automatic generation of inspection data reports or certificates | Reports provide conclusions of cause-and-effect situations and forcasts for future conditions | Triggering of automatic quality warnings | Automation of utilization decisions
  • Logistics +

    In-house transportation orders can be generated and processed automatically or on demand | Reduced tracing efforts and faster shipment completion
  • Materials Management and Warehousing +

    Decreased warehouse inventory and working capital and increased rate of warehouse turnover | Decreased WIP and improved work flow procedures | Efficient and clearly arranged warehousing through automatic storage location assignment and use of barcodes | Faster and accurate data collection during goods receipt | Support of intercompany business | Faster stock rebooking via barcodes and less mistakes | Automatically generated and operated in-house transportation orders | Support of self-guiding transportation systems | Reduced inventory differences through plausible and exact material consumption information
  • Purchasing +

    Direct receipt of deliveries through system integration of incoming goods | Direct feedback at incoming goods for completeness and quality of delivery | Up-to-date information on material consumption | Better planning of procurement and warehousing
  • Customer Service & Sales +

    Up-to-date information on the processing status of orders enables fast and comprehensive information in the event of customer queries | Greater adherence to delivery dates and customer satisfaction | Fast and loss-free transfer of additional information on customer orders | Detailed batch traceability and comprehensive quality controls meet ISO standards
  • Human Resources & Motivation +

    Employee motivation through transparency | Exact review of production and labour times | Transparency with integrated performance-based payment systems | Basis for a fair performance-based payment | Polluter pays principle is preserved, elg. performance drop due to rework from previous production step | Special situations that result in decreased employee performances are explained transparent and plausible, for instance downtimes of machines or lack of orders | Action for employee motivation are supported with information from COAGO MES, e.g. reducing machine downtimes, set up times or minimizing waste and rejections | Employees have access to complete and verified order information which creates security and reduces costs | All relevant data is available at all times
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