• The MES software solution from GRASS.

    The MES software solution from GRASS.

    More transparency and efficiency at all levels of the company - this is the best way to describe the many positive effects of COAGO MES.
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COAGO - the Manufacturing Execution System


Exclusively for roller manufacturers, converters and for all those who work with rollers, webs, formats, plates and sheets,
we offer the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) COAGO for your production control, specially tailored to your needs.

Production is one of the most important elements in the corporate value chain.
Key factors, such as quality, adherence to schedules and cost-optimized performance, are the foundation for success on a highly competitive market.
A system supporting all processes for added value needs to be adjusted to the exact production- and branch-specific requirements of each company.

COAGO MES provides information how and when you need it. Figures, data and facts - anytime and on demand.


COAGO MES is the branch-specific solution, that is developed and optimized to be adjusted to all details and any variations of the roll manufacturing and converting. GRASS-clients can be assured, that their requirements are met by their exclusively adjusted custom version of COAGO MES. GRASS offers an optimal foundation for the lasting success of you MES-investments, achieved by focusing on the producing industry and continuous improvement.


Our specialists

You will not have to introduce and school our GRASS-consultants, before they can work on and deliver the return for your investments. Benefit from the best-practice solutions and extraordinary knowledge of all details and the competence in developing solutions, these are all attributes, that our GRASS-consultants and software developer have achieve through their branch-specific experience.
We are there for you with pleasure. Talk to us.


...because we have been at home in your production for over 35 years.

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More transparency and efficiency

Instead of many isolated solutions, an integrated MES offers a homogeneous level for your production. All manufacturing processes and their accompanying processes such as planning, logistics or quality management now fit together.


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