• The MES software solution from GRASS.

    The MES software solution from GRASS.

    More transparency and efficiency at all levels of the company - this is the best way to describe the many positive effects of the MES system COAGO.
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COAGO MES - the Manufacturing Execution System


Exclusively for roll manufacturers, converters and for all those who work with rolls, webs, formats, plates and sheets,
we offer the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) COAGO for your production control, specially tailored to your needs.
The MES system is tailored to the special requirements of the film, paper, cardboard, corrugated board and nonwovens industries.

Production is one of the most important link in the corporate value chain.
A software system that is designed to sustainably support and promote these value creation processes must be precisely tailored to the production-related,
industry-specific needs of the respective company.

COAGO MES provides information how and when you need it. Figures, data and facts - anytime and on demand.

Integration instead of isolated solutions

A "system" consisting of many isolated solutions, e.g. heterogeneous databases, Excel and papers, generates massive friction losses. This is because these "islands" are usually not networked at all or hardly networked at all.

Optimized processes can only be derived from these heterogeneous and often incompatible data with great effort.

An integrated MES system generates a coherent information basis as a homogeneous level for your production. All manufacturing processes and their accompanying processes such as planning, logistics or quality management now fit together. With the help of the integrated reporting tools, the relevant key figures can be accessed at any time - online and on demand.

The basis for sustainable improvements.

What is MES

Especially since the digital transition to industry 4.0, there is a need to increase transparency and flexibility in the production process.

A MES is used to schedule, control and monitor the entire value chain in production. According to VDI guideline 5600 it has the core functions detailed planning and fine control, resource management, material management, personnel management, data acquisition, performance analysis, quality and information management. The MES records operating data (quantities and times), machine, process, quality and logistics data. These are monitored in real time with regard to compliance with specifications and reported on demand. The information is used by production management, quality management, the technical department and all other departments as a basis for continuous improvement.

On the basis of reliable facts, potentials for increasing productivity shall be identified. Waste has to be eliminated. MES systems represent the elementary link between the commercially oriented ERP systems and production with all its subsystems. This is why modern MES systems are compared with a hub in a wheel with many spokes. All figures converge in the MES. They are processed and correlated there. The result is a homogeneous and consistent, coherent database in which everything fits together.

The resulting "huge" database is now known as Big Data and serves as the basis for modern analysis methods. For this reason, a Manufacturing Execution System is also understood today as the "enabler" of digital transformation, industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.



GRASS offers you the best prerequisites for the sustainable success of MES investments thanks to its absolute focus on roll manufacturers, converters and all those who work with rolls, webs, formats, plates and sheets. As a GRASS customer, you can be sure that your requirements will be met by COAGO MES, because this MES system is designed exclusively for your industry and your needs.

For the needs of roll manufacturing and converting, for example, this means that for each parent roll and for each jumbo there is the exact machine data and process data from the extruder, calender, paper machine or nonwovens line. The values are projected onto the rolls with running meter accuracy. In addition, all quality data, raw material recipes actually used and machine recipes are also available. Further information about rejects and locks and the reasons can also be evaluated together in detail.


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