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    Industry 4.0 - a modular concept for the future.
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GRASS and Industry 4 0


Hardly any other term has become as much known in recent years as the term "Industry 4.0".

Sometimes people speak of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" or the "Internet of Things", the "Industry of Thing". Abbreviations such as "IoT" are also on everyone's lips and are used in a wide variety of contexts. Everywhere the profound change is described with a clear direction of movement towards an all-encompassing networked world, in which things are given the opportunity to interact with each other.

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Industry 4.0 can be experienced with the industry solution COAGO MES from GRASS. The system integrates the ERP worlds with the production and machine levels. COAGO MES connects the manufacturing processes with each other, plans intelligently and also controls and monitors all manufacturing processes such as quality management and logistics. All machines and subsystems are networked and technically integrated. This can be done as an overall solution or modularly and step by step.

LINEaLYTIC is the easy and cost-effective entry into the industry 4.0. Many small steps lead to the goal if they all point in the right direction. All you have to do is take the first step, put one foot forward and shift the weight slightly forward. The other foot then follows all by itself. And experience shows that 80% of success is achieved with only 20% of the effort.

COAGO MES - The industry solution

Facts and figures always and at any time. Transparent and safe production processes for more productivity. - Industry 4.0 can be experienced with COAGO MES. Read More

LINEaLYTIC - Structure instead of chaos

With us you easily take the first step to industry 4.0. Read More
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GRASS Industry 4.0 check

In a compact workshop, fields of action and qualitative potentials are identified and quantified where possible with manageable effort. Based on the identified productivity potentials, an individual development plan is developed for your company.

Would you also like to benefit directly from Industry 4.0 approaches? Then arrange a personal appointment for our GRASS Industry 4.0 Check, simply send us an  E-Mail  or call us at +49.671.9289-154.


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