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GRASS Customer Forum June 2018

Success story: Every roll of film under control - MES/OCS integration

At the GRASS customer forum in June 2018, a representative of a leading film manufacturer for food, pharmaceutical and hygiene applications presented a particularly exciting integration project - completely in line with Industry 4.0 -.


The inspection results of optical control systems (OCS) are directly coupled with COAGO MES. The complete inspection of each roll is achieved and the detection of defect classes such as holes, specks, insects, thin spots or contaminations leads to actions in the MES.

Through the intelligent interpretation of the inspection results of the OCS, roles can be automatically blocked in the Manufacturing Execution System and further usage decisions can be made. In addition, the OCS results are directly transferred and documented as inspection results for each roll.

Scrap, blocks and error reasons are automatically reported in the industry MES and errors are stored "speaking" for each role in the role text module. The error carpet determined by the control system is also linked to each role in the industry MES and can be called up.

The "recipe" for the OCS, i.e. the control specification, is transferred from MES to the OCS. Specification management takes place in the MES-integrated COAGO specification module.

In other implementations and scenarios, these integrations are used consistently right up to the cutting planning stage.


  • Increased process reliability through a maximum of "in-process control
  • Increase of audit capability through direct availability of OCS results in MES
  • Reduced research effort through integration of the error carpet in the MES with role context
  • Reduction of complaints through 0-error strategy and online monitoring
  • Increased customer satisfaction and increased confidence in the high performance and quality level of the film manufacturer and converter for food and pharmaceutical applications.


GRASS and the strategic further development of the industry solution COAGO MES

The strategic further development of the industry solution COAGO MES for roll manufacturers and converters generated enthusiasm among the participants. The new operating concepts with one-click strategy, even more flexible user interfaces and direct, immediately available process feedback using machine and process data hit the nerve of the industry.

The trend-setting and, above all, future-proof technology trends as well as the practical operating concepts, which take into account the demands and conditions of tomorrow's users, have aroused the undivided approval of the industry experts present.

True to the motto of orienting the further development of COAGO very close to the market, GRASS invites its customers and interested parties to an active dialogue. This met with undivided approval among those present. The first workshops on in-depth topics have already taken place with the participation of GRASS customers.

Industry 4.0

With a lecture on the enormous and so far mostly unused perspectives around industry 4.0, development paths on the way to the integrated manufacturing of the future were illuminated. In addition to an overview of the status quo in the packaging industry, the participants were also able to determine their own status and their goals and development potential. In addition, views on future topics such as Big Data and artificial intelligence provided an interesting exchange of views.

The Line Data Management System LINEaLYTIC was introduced as a new product in the GRASS Industry 4.0 portfolio. The simple and cost-effective introduction to the order and context-related recording of machine data, times and quantities directly in the production process. More about LINEaLYTIC

The lectures and discussions were embedded in a supporting programme in the middle of the vineyards in the pleasant ambience of Tuscany in Rheinhessen. All customers have already signaled their participation in the next customer forum and are looking forward to a lively exchange among roller manufacturers and converters.


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