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Cost-effectively entering the era of industry 4.0 by recording machine data.

With LINEaLYTIC, GRASS, a leading provider of MES software (Manufacturing Execution Systems) as well as Lean and Tech consulting with a focus on rail-oriented production processes, presents a cost-effective entry-level solution for the automatic, order-related collection of machine and process data. The new solution brings transparency to production processes, in which data was previously still entered manually, and enables targeted optimization of productivity, efficiency, production quality and safety with a high level of convenience. In addition to its attractive price/performance ratio, LINEaLYTIC is characterized by its ease of operation and simple implementation - whereby even older machines can be integrated with little effort. In addition, manufacturing companies can flexibly expand LINEaLYTIC at a later date and turn it into a complete MES.

"Regardless of the discussion about the so-called fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0, machine and process data are still recorded manually in many companies. Most of these companies are aware of the necessity of automatic data acquisition. However, they are afraid of the high investment and time expenditure that the changeover to automatic recording of machine and process data has generally entailed so far. We have developed LINEaLYTIC for these companies. With the very slim, easy to use and implement solution, a cost-effective entry into automatic data acquisition within a few days is possible - and thus not only the ad hoc optimization of a current production, but in the long run entire processes on a solid data basis", outlines Joachim Schütz, management and head of sales at Grass GmbH with headquarters in Bad Kreuznach, the central background of the new development of his company.

LINEaLYTIC provides machine operators with order-related live data of their systems in the form of meaningful, easy-to-understand and clear graphical representations, enabling them to intervene quickly and specifically in the running production in the event of deviations from the target specifications. The system directly assigns the recorded data to the individual orders or production intervals and aggregates them as required according to the machine operator's specifications. This enables them to avoid or minimize rejects, keep production quality continuously at the desired level and generally utilize their production facilities more efficiently. LINEaLYTIC reliably detects production errors. They can later be specifically cut out of rolls or removed from the process in some other way. The (ad hoc) reports quickly generated with the system in turn serve to document production.

The recorded data can be transferred to higher-level systems and analyzed here. These evaluations form the basis for long-term process improvements, such as streamlining production processes, reducing machine downtimes, optimizing material and energy efficiency, or specifically eliminating sources of error.

LINEaLYTIC is completely flexible when it comes to tapping machine and process data, from temperature, pressure and humidity to web tension and tension, through to machine speeds, times, quantities and numerous other parameters from production steps such as extrusion, metallization or printing. Wherever sensors, probes or measuring devices can be integrated into production processes, data can be automatically and contextually captured with LINEaLYTIC.

Thanks to the GRASS tool sets, the system is equally open and flexible when integrating production systems - even older systems with a lower degree of automation. The integration tool IoT Connect developed by GRASS enables data exchange with OPC servers of all manufacturers. "With IoT Connect, the electricians of our customers should be able to successively integrate further machines into LINEaLYTIC and thus into a homogeneous data acquisition after a short instruction on their own," Schütz emphasizes an economic advantage of the new GRASS solution for customers. In addition, LINEaLYTIC is largely maintenance-free from implementation onwards. Here, too, there are no further costs for customers. "For special requirements or a later expansion to a complete MES, we are of course happy to assist our customers," explains Schütz.

LINEaLYTIC was developed primarily for roll manufacturers and converters in the film, paper and nonwovens industries, among others. However, it can also easily be used in other industries for order-related automatic data acquisition.


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