• Increase added value!

    Increase added value!

    Whatever your industry, lean manufacturing is a proven way to optimize quality, reduce costs and save time.
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GRASS LEAN Consulting


Identify and Eliminate Waste

Waste is the inefficient utilization of resources without added value for the customer. An important pillar for the development of a lean organization is therefor the elimination and improvement of processes by standardizing workflows.

LEAN consulting detect waste


After marking out the inspection area with the help of the LEAN VITA potential analysis, the first steps are identifiying sources of waste in the processes and/or in the general added value chain.

The actual state of material flow is displayed through value streaming and the current control of production process are identified. Aim of this method is to detect and evaluate realistically potentials within the processes.


We analyse with your employees the reasons for occuring waste situations and develope together optimization approaches.

Eliminate Waste

The experience and problem solving capacities of your employees are the basis for fast process improvements and for eliminating waste in a short time. The main goal is to eliminate all non-value adding activities during the production of the product.

LEAN consulting eliminate waste


The analysis of the current situation creates the basis for the development of the future target situation. Goals and measures are definied as a team with the assignemnt of responsibilities.


Following the realization of all measures a culture of change and learning starts to establish itself in the company. The set up goals are reached step by step and a continious improvement culture implements itself into your organisation. 

  • Financially relevant increase in productivity
  • Optimez utilization of scarce resources
  • Robust, secure and sustainable processes
  • High employee satisfaction with better processes and the prevention of waste
  • Arbeitsweisen und Verhaltensmuster der Mitarbeiter werden positiv verändert

LEAN Methods

  • 5S Method +

    The 5S method is a method for designing a workplace and work environment organization that is characterized by consistent standardization and disciplined adherence to standards. It is regarded as the most important basic method on the way to lean manufacturing.
  • Optimization of throughput times +

    The lead time is the time span from the start of processing to the completion of a product or sales order. A main distinction is made between order lead time and production lead time.
  • Continuous improvement process (CIP) +

    The CIP process is a process that runs continuously over a longer period of time with the aim of improving the work environment and/or the processes in the company. To this end, employees are actively involved in order to implement step-by-step measures promptly.
  • Key figures KPIs +

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measures that provide information about the performance of a company and the facts of its operations. They are derived from the business objectives and form the basis for operational management and control.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE +

    Measuring system effectiveness with the indicator Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an essential element of all improvement approaches. The OEE makes visible which machine- and process-dependent losses must be reduced or even eliminated.
  • Set-up time reduction (SMED) +

    Due to decreasing order sizes, an increasing variety of variants, reduced line productivity and higher set-up costs, the concepts for reducing set-up times are of particular importance today. The optimization of setup times is a central topic of TPM and has an influence on the OEE.
  • Multiple Machine Operation +

    Multi-machine operation is a special form of workplace design that minimizes "waste" in the form of waiting times. One operator looks after several machines at the same time. While one machine is producing, he can already load the next one.
  • Inventory Management +

    The task of inventory management is to ensure the customer an optimal level of delivery service with the lowest possible inventories and storage costs. To this end, competing interests and company goals (e.g. low capital commitment, high delivery readiness) must be balanced.
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