• Structure instead of chaos.

    Structure instead of chaos.

    LINEaLYTIC for production order-related recording acquisition of machine and process data.
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Line Data Management. The production software LINEaLYTIC.

The easy introduction to data management for your production.
With the automatic acquisition and analysis of machine data and process data of your production plants, you have all data suitable for the order and your production.
And with it your production always in view.

Your first step towards industry 4.0.

 Potential for improvement can only be identified and raised on the basis of reliable and valid facts and figures. These are the basis of every decision and the basis for sustainable success.

  • More productivity for your extruders, calenders, laminating lines, coating lines, flexographic and gravure printing lines, slitter, winders and packaging lines.
  • Performance increase for manufacturers and processors of foils, paper, cardboard, corrugated board, sheets, profiles and nonwovens.



Data structure instead chaos of data

Are you familiar with this?

Feedback on the job, downtimes, malfunctions, setup and quantities, machine settings such as temperature, pressure, speed etc.

...the machine operator captures manually

Finding an assignment to your past orders or a search for correlations describing the order context, e.g. customer, article, recipe, raw material use, tool use or other important order information, is difficult, time-consuming and involves a lot of unnecessary footwork.

How much easier would it be if all order, machine and process data matched and were easily accessible and evaluable?

Machine data and process data for the order.

Finally it fits

In LINEaLYTIC the recorded machine and process data are assigned to the respective orders.
A perfect congruence and an easily evaluable database is created.

Always close to the process, all recorded live data, which immediately provide information about the current status of the machine are accessible online at any time. Using visualization screens, the machine operator can keep an eye on the progress of the machine and process data at all times. The relevant times, quantities and usage decisions are recorded for each order and can be evaluated and utilized at any time.

  • No cumbersome recording and aggregation of order data.
  • No time lag between creation and availability of the data.
  • No multiple processing in different systems.
  • No more tedious error and order searches.
From data acquisition to evaluation and research, a homogeneous and coherent solution.



Your potentials

Transparency leads to more efficiency and more productivity.
Because only if you know your sources of waste can you turn them off.

Increase in material efficiency
At around 60%, material is the largest cost factor in operation.
With LINEaLYTIC you can identify the circumstances under which material losses have occurred and reduce the causes sustainably.

Increase in machine efficiency
Unplanned machine downtimes and malfunctions impair the performance of your production.
With LINEaLYTIC, you can identify the reasons that have impaired the efficiency of your systems and eliminate the causes sustainably.

Increase in personnel efficiency
Unnecessary notes and cumbersome documentation prevent your machine operators from taking care of their equipment and the quality of their products.
LINEaLYTIC ensures an efficient process in the documentation of the manufacturing process by simply recording the relevant data.

LINEaLYTIC lays the foundation for robust decisions that lead to greater efficiency.
GRASS Consulting supports with industry-proven improvement concepts through well-founded lean methods and comprehensive technology know-how.

With the GRASS Industry 4.0-Check you determine your potentials.

When would you like to start?

There is never the right time.
You don't have time, you take it.
And exactly for the things that are important to you.

Think big and think of the big goal of increasing productivity
Start small and take the first step in the right direction
Start now and become the designer of your digital future with LINEaLYTIC

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