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Simple connection - integration of all systems

Whether plants of the latest generation or old plants with a low degree of automation, the GRASS tool sets enable industry 4.0 integration - simple, direct and cost-effective. The machinery available today can be fully integrated and is equipped for the challenges of the future with growing requirements.

  • Simple implementation
  • Directly evaluable data
  • Visualization for all areas
  • Realize line by line
  • Integrating old systems without problems


Data collection simple connection

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  • Lean and simple order entry or ERP import with configurable data entry masks
  • Confirmation of times and quantities
  • Qualification through usage decisions
  • Automatic acquisition of machine & process data
  • Live Data Chart of the Live Ticker
  • Evaluations of machine and process data for order and data contexts
  • Correlation of machine & process data
  • OEE-Tacho as utilization rate of the machine
  • Export of charts and data for further processing
  • Print function for order reports
  • Easy expandability and integratability of machines of different generations and technologies

LINEaLYTIC gives answers to questions like...

  • Is production going well right now? +

    With LINEaLYTIC you always have the possibility to monitor the production in real time.
  • Does my machine operator see how all machine and process parameters and how production is currently running? +

    With our Live Data Chart, the live ticker you can see all machine and process data in real time. With LINEaLYTIC, you and your machine operator have your success critical process parameters in view at all times.
  • Which machine settings were used to produce a specific article/raw material combination? Under what conditions did scrap occur? How does the speed profile of the machine develop in the shift cycle over the course of the day? +

    With LINEaLYTIC you can see all machine settings in the context chart. You can see which article/raw material combination was used for production. You can see the conditions under which rejects were produced. You see the developments of the speed profile of the plant in the shift cycle - over the course of the day.
  • How was the last order run for a customer? +

    This is quite simple with the order chart. You mark the order, call up the chart, define parameters and other contexts and the data is immediately available to you.
  • How does a changed melt temperature in the extruder influence a parameter measured inline that is relevant for the quality of the product? +

    With LINEaLYTIC you can determine the correlation values of process parameters in graphical form and obtain the correlation coefficient.
  • How can I verifiably document and control my manufacturing processes? +

    With LINEaLYTIC you create order reports and exported process parameters and charts with a mouse click.
  • With which OEE or degree of utilization did the machine run? How much production, downtime, malfunction and set-up time has occurred and why? +

    With LINEaLYTIC, the OEE tacho can be called up online at any time. You can keep an eye on the production times at any time and can evaluate them and recognize changes and deviations immediately.
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